Friday, August 05, 2005

New Evidence Supports President Bush on Intelligent Design

AI = Advanced Intelligence
This is too coincidental to be a random coincidence. Is it the COSMIC WOW SIGNAL for CONTACT with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE?
Look here are the simple basic equations for precision cosmology
Note that for "vacuum", i.e. zero point energy there can be an independent INTRINSIC cosmic time dependence for the zero point energy density not tied to a(t). Indeed, in my metric engineering theory the equation for this on a smaller scale is something like the "Flying Saucer Warp Drive Equation" of Dan Smith's alleged "Visitors" who seem to prefer "metallic voices" if we are to believe Jim Schnabel about CIA's Kit Green's experience during the Uri Geller experiments? ;-) As this message is being sent I am advised that Dan Smith is a "DIA Contractor" who has just been in a "car accident" in Washington DC/Baltimore area? There are no coincidences - cosmic or otherwise in this weird business. Note President Bush recently commented on "Intelligent Design" and so did a Pennsylvania Senator. It seems to be a hot topic.

/\(t) = (1/Lp*)(ODLRO Surface Density of Control Thin Film)Cos(VacuumODLRO Phase - Thin Film Phase)


G*/G = (R/Lp)^n


Lp*/Lp = (R/Lp)^n/2

for n extra space-dimensions of scale R.

OK we know k = 0 (Space is flat) from WMAP. This fits inflation. Therefore the total

Omega = (total density)/(critical density) = 1

trivially because

critical density(t) = 3H(t)^2/8piG

As t increases all densities decrease except for the zero point dark energy with w = -1.

This means the total critical density itself becomes dominated by the zero point dark energy.

i.e. H(t)^2 ---> c^2/\(t) as t increases.

Since there is no theory for /\ (other than mine) there can be an arbitrary t-dependence /\(t) that is independent of the scale factor a(t) for the expansion of space. Indeed this /\(t) can be from "The Architect" of Freemasonry, from Michio Kaku's "Masters of Hyperspace", from Star Trek's "Q", from Dan Smith's "Visitors", from the "Metric Engineers", from "Darth Vader", from "Gulliver", from "The Matrix", from "God" - take your pick.

Note that if the dark matter is really negative zero point energy with w = -1 and positive pressure that cannot be distinguished from w = 0 Cold Dark Matter (CDM) then NOW ~ 96% of our universe is zero point energy (73% positive and 23% negative). Only 4% is the stuff we are made from.

On Aug 5, 2005, at 12:37 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Desperate Cosmologists How far will they go?

Saul Perlmutter just happens to observe the Type1a supernovae just at the crossing point NOW 13.7 billion years since the BIG BANG where Dark Energy is shooting up and everything else is falling down.

Is this Dan Smith's ESCHATON? :-)

Kolb's final lecture at SSI 2005 is VERY FUNNY! (No, he did not mention Dan).

He compares Saul Perlmutter to Martha Stewart and sudden drop of IMCLONE when she sold. He uses Creation of Adam with God as Ed Witten and Adam as Peskin - who is here (the physicist not the politician).

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