Monday, September 24, 2007

The second rank tensor field guv(x) is composite

guv(x) = nabe^au(x)e^bv(x)

therefore the quantum foam gravity zero point vacuum fluctuations in the fabric of warped 4D spacetime guv(x) are spin 0, 1 & 2.

Therefore LISA/LIGO & Ray Chiao's "transducer" in addition to seeing the two massless spin 2 stretch-squeeze Weyl conformal vacuum gravity tensor wave linearly polarized modes at 45 deg relative to each other may also see two massless spin 1 vector linear modes 90 deg to each other just like EM transverse waves, as well as a massless spin 0 scalar longitudinal wave. On the other hand if the spin 0 and spin 1 geometrodynamic quanta have rest mass they will not be seen in far field radiation. There may also be torsion field waves as well from

S^a^b = w^a^bce^a

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