Thursday, June 09, 2005

Quantum Gravity?

On Jun 9, 2005, at 4:31 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:


Rovelli calls the "tetrad field" the "gravity field" in his new book on "Quantum Gravity". I will be seeing Alex in NYC if I can manage to leave my air conditioned room. Very humid!

The Ashtekar idea is a much more fancy way of doing what I have done more simply, i.e. the basic field is the tetrad = flat + curved, but Ashtekar & Co do not use local gauge invariance & vacuum ODLRO directly the way I do. They do not seem to even be conscious of vacuum ODLRO - but maybe I have underestimated them there. We will see as I read Rovelli's book.

What they are doing in loop gravity is overly-complicated (complexification of the tetrad, taking self-dual "instanton" part etc.) Where all the Pundits go wrong is not realizing that there even is a macro-quantum theory whose rules are different from micro-quantum theory. I get diff(4) invariance + background independence non-perturbatively trivially!

Micro-QM is linear, nonlocal, unitary with signal locality. Macro-QM is nonlinear, local, non-unitary with signal nonlocality. Gravity + dark energy is a "More is different" macro-quantum phenomenon.

Vacuum ODLRO makes quantum theory (QT) and general relativity (GR) completely consistent with each other.

BTW John Baez in Ch 5 last part also waffles on gravity energy problem, p. 452 Notes to Part III

All you can say is

Sum of all Tuv = 0 locally, i.e. matter + gravity + exotic zpf vacua


TOTAL Tuv^;v = 0

Therefore, any total energy-momentum = 0

Universe is a "free lunch".

In my view the search for quantum gravity is a serious error. Gravity is emergent in the inflationary vacuum phase from micro-quantum theory to macro-quantum theory. God plays dice in the unstable pre-inflationary micro-quantum vacuum that has no gravity and no inertia in it. The rules change completely in the Big Bang. God loads the dice significantly in order for gravity and dark energy to emerge into Being and Becoming. Our post-inflationary expanding accelerating universe in the multiverse of parallel worlds next door is a vibrating “super-solid” or “world crystal”.

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